Vaerfthallen (260 sqm) – is one out of two “next-door neighbours” to Skabelonloftet. We collaborate, when the seminar or conference holds +50 guests and up to +150 guests. Værfthallen is an adjoining venue to Pladeværkstedet. By combining both Pladeværkstedet and Vaerfthallen you are given more than 500 sqm. plus an outdoor space with the wooden terrace of Pladeværkstedet. The space is ideal for a plenum set-up which allows Pladeværkstedet to function as a breakout and accommodation space. Skabelonloftet will then act as an operator for further breakout rooms. Furthermore, the space can be used for photo- and film shoots. The space is kept raw, with the atmosphere from the B&W era, and can be designed to whatever wishes you might have.