Studio 7 (15 sqm) – is a former art studio, which shines through on the paint-dropped floor. It’s a perfect fit for a meeting space of a smaller group (up to 8 people) or as an adjoining breakout room. The studio is facing the ocean, which gives you a view of the harbour of Copenhagen, through a set of metal-framed windows.

The studio holds:

– A high table, for a maximum of 8 guests

– Lounge area with comfortable chairs

– Kitchen access (through the Templateroom)

– A fireplace (additional heaters can be arranged)

– Electrical outlets of 220 V power

– Standard AV-package with a projector, speaker and flipovers

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Seminar / conference


Refshalevej 167F
1432 Copenhagen

Manager & owner
Anette Holmberg
Tlf: +45 26 44 19 30

Project coordinator
Trine Thy Mogensen
Tlf: +45 28 12 26 16