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In 2018 LEGO Education had a 3-day innovation workshop, with 20 LEGO employees and guest speakers, that where conducted in the great facilities of Skabelonloftet. It was pr. date the most inspiring venue we have ever had. Rough, cozy, friendly, inspiring, creative … and with a view. The participants went home energized and the collaborative spirit of the team was in top. Besides from some great work being done we where serviced in the most optimal way. I can only recommend to have a potential evening dinner organized by Skabelonloftet … it was personal, delicious and of high quality.

Jesper Elling

Creative director, LEGO

“At Anette Holmberg, there is no way around it: You have to express yourself! We have had several of our high performance manager teams go through this. They move…. And above all: they move as a team.”

Peter Tolstoy

P&O Partner & People Specialist, Novozymes A/S

“Folketingets Kunstforening has visited Skabelonloftet and Yard Gallery. Myself, and all the participants I have spoken to, thought it was a very exciting experience that we took home with us. The template loft, housed in the former home of the old B&W shunting yard, still retains its original look and feel, with stunning views of the sea and old Copenhagen. Many of the various artists, architects and designers in the 17 or so workshops were present, willingly showing and talking about their work. Afterwards, we also had a tour of the Yard Gallery, where the architects talked about their exciting creations. Anette Holmberg a knowledgeable and very committed tour guide – all in all a super exciting event. It’s not the last time we’ve visited Refshaleøen!”

Annelise Romme

Chairman for "Folketingets Kunstforening", The Danish Parliament

“We had a great strategy seminar in fantastic surroundings with exciting and challenging exercises. The fact that creative challenges can be used in this way in the context of strategy and vision discussions was an eye-opener. Really successful. A highly productive day and evening.”

Morten Helweg-Petersen

Director, FDMI - The Association of Danish Interactive Media

“We broke a number of boundaries and created a different focus for Totalkredit towards 2012”.

Leadership program developed in collaboration with the CEO of Totalkredit, Troels Bülow Olsen, based on the concept of “Next generation”. Guest participant: Chef and multi-artist, Mik Schack. The team was picked up and dropped off from Nykredit’s headquarters by Flyvefisken boat taxi.

Troels Bülow-Olsen

Director, Totalkredit A/S

“The first reaction to the task at hand was probably – how? with what? where do we start? what should it end up with? Wearing white work suits and blue plastic shoes, chaos was transformed into design. Whether the work can ultimately be categorized as “art” remains to be seen, “but the process was a lot of fun and we got to know each other in a new and exciting way. And last but not least – working in the beautiful studio on Holmen was just worth it.”

Janne Nygaard

Republic of Fritz Hansen

“Starting from February 2009, the center has entered into a collaboration with visual artist and master of visual art education, Anette Holmberg. Holmberg Art and Innovation, sees art in business is as the disruption needed to renew. In cooperation with CAL (*1) Holmberg Art and Innovation let the studio function as an experimental communications platform, on which creative challenges invites new ways to collaborate, design and develop. “Art should not just hang in a museum, but be a part of life. We need to feel the art on the body – be curious, let us inspire, get goose bumps and rated the right feeling in the stomach.” (Anette Holmberg) Holmberg Art and Innovation has, in interaction with Novozymes, People & Organization, Research and Development, developed a management process which, based on the creative challenges, focuses on the leader as an individual and as a role model.”

Ole Fogh Kirkeby

Professor, Center of Art and Leadership , Copenhagen Business School

We were absolutely delighted to host CPH:LAB at Skabelonloftet. The venue was perfect and the ceilings were high, both literally and figuratively. There was nothing that couldn’t be done, and that means a lot when working with experimental documentary. Our 25 international participants were all blown away by the place and its atmosphere.

Katrine Sommer Boysen


“The Shipyard Loft is a unique contemporary fusion of Danish culture, innovation and creativity, and provides a wonderful venue for corporate conferences, retreats and outings.

James P. Cain

Previous U.S. Ambassador in Denmark, U.S. Embassy

“At Philips Lighting, we are working on a major change project for our products, solutions, people, leadership and culture. It’s important in this process to be creative and look at the situation from perspectives other than the day-to-day. Together with Anette Holmberg, we held a management seminar where, based on our specific vision and strategy, we had to work creatively with some of the craftsman’s tools. The task was to express where we are today, where we are going and how we will get there. It took us all into uncharted territory, sparked creative thinking and opened our eyes to new thoughts and ideas. At the same time, we created an experience at the Template Loft that the group will not forget.”

Morten Felding

Nordic Lighting Chairman & CEO, Philips Denmark A/S

“In connection with the closing of the divestiture of our photogrammetric division in Rollei, we wanted to give the management team and legal counsellors a special experience of Copenhagen and have them do something extraordinary. The combination of staying at the Admiral Hotel, being picked up by Flyvefisken do a harbour tour and then spend 4 hours working in Anette Holmbergs uniquie studio and perform the “Art Challences” workshop, has been a unique way of saying thank you to the team. The workshop was the highlight of the weekend and everybody participated extremely active, the process and the final results were impressive”. “Thanks Anette for the idea and the very professional organization and implementation of the whole weekend.”

Patrick Howaldt

CEO, Rollei GmbH, Braunschweig Germany

“Asking communication consultants who are used to running strategic workshops to participate in a format that involves abstract actions such as painting can be a dangerous exercise. However, all worries were put to rest once we got started in Anette Holmberg’s beautiful studio. The topic was the agency’s values, which were quickly discussed and visualized in the groups working on each value. The result was a very rewarding day that brought us even closer together around the values we try to live by every day. The fact that we are also positively confronted with them every day in the form of the six large works of art that adorn our walls only prolongs and enhances the good experience”

Søren Berzant

CEO & Partner, Cohn & Wolfe

“B4IT is a private and exclusive business association, becoming a member is on invitation only and after passing several stages of recognition. Members are (informal) investors and C-level leaders in the Dutch ICT industry. B4IT is considered an economic business development platform for ICT. Its organizing empowerment for exclusive leisure and knowledge grants the highest standards in combining business with pleasure.
October 2011 an exclusive business trip to Copenhagen was organized. To guarantee the standards all members are used to something special was organized. The combination of several networking meetings, a business/ investing opportunity session and staying at the glorious Admiral Hotel around the corner of Nyhavn set the expectations rightly. The canal/ harbor boat tour, splendid wining & dining at Custum House and an exclusive workshop including outstanding lunch at the Shipyard Loft did the rest and gave a unique insight into Danish culture combined with art and business opportunities.
All of this would not have been possible without the organizational talents of Anette Holmberg. Not only did she head up the workshop herself, she also set and orchestrated the entire trip program. A well done job which smoothly fitted the exclusivity B4IT is known for.”

Robert-Jan van der Steur