Skabelonloftet was founded in 2008 and has since then, in addition to housing the creative souls in the loft’s workshop community, set the framework for many different brands. Everything from seminars, conferences, events, video or film shoots, etc. has taken place. Our goal, no matter the event, has been to combine the wishes of our customers with the framework of the Template Loft.

The Royal Theater (seminar)
Ørsted (seminar)
DK Company (event)
COCOA (shoot)
Academy for Social Innovation (seminar)
McKinsey (seminar)
Audi (seminar)
HOFOR (seminar)
KMD (seminar)
Radius (seminar)
Bygherreforeningen i Danmark (seminar)
Morpho (shoot)
Energy Forum Denmark (seminar)
Rasmus Friis (seminar)
Global Compact (seminar)
KMD (seminar)
DR News (seminar)
People’s Press (seminar)
WE ARE HERO (event)
Danish Institute for Human Rights (seminar)
Aarsleff (event)
Second Wave (event)
TDC Online Brands (seminar)
Dunville Apparel ApS (seminar)
Nordea (seminar)
Danish Architecture Center (event)
Copenhagen Film Festival (event)
DR (seminar)
England (event)
Morph ApS (shoot)
Industry Education (seminar)
NNIT ApS (seminar)
Heart Association (seminar)
The Danish Parliament (seminar)
SF Production ApS (shoot)
Nordea (event)
The Danish Parliament (seminar)
JDE Coffee (seminar)
Milestone Systems (seminar)
Next EUX (seminar)
CPH Opera Festival (event)
IDEO GmbH (seminar)
Sister of the North (seminar)
DR Drama (seminar)
YOUSEE (seminar)
TDC Online Brands (seminar)
Munthe (shoot)
TV Denmark (seminar)
Sputnik School (event)
IDA (seminar)
Masai Clothing Company ApS (shoot)
TDC / Nuuday (seminar)
Me & Alice (shoot)
Telenor (seminar)
GroupM (seminar)
DS Norden (seminar)
Velux (seminar)
Selected / Bestseller (event)
SME Denmark (seminar)
TDC / Nuuday (seminar)
Babbo Ria (event)
Merrild Studios (shoot) (seminar)
Trygfonden (seminar)
Moss Copenhagen (shoot)
Molo (shoot)
REDA (seminar)
IDA (seminar)
TDC / Nuuday (seminar)
BDO (shoot) (event)
Too Good To Go (seminar)
Zevegraf (seminar)
The Lab (shoot)
YOUSEE (seminar)
Benjamin Media (seminar)
Qvartz (seminar)
TDC Business (seminar)
Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (seminar)
Strong Productions (shoot)
Lundbeck (seminar)
Batman ApS (shoot)
Heart Association (seminar)
TDC Business (seminar)
Strong Productions (shoot)
VELUX (seminar)
BDO (seminar)
Blink Production (shoot)
Agillic (seminar)
BDO (seminar)
Circus Alphaville (shoot)
Milestone Systems (seminar)
YOUSEE (seminar)
TDC Business (seminar)
Implement (seminar)
Danske Bank (seminar)
Bygherreforeningen (seminar)
Radiometer (seminar)
Bacon CPH (shoot)
Advice (seminar)
Beehive Fund (seminar)
YOUSEE (seminar)
Heart Association (seminar)
Capacity (seminar)
PS Communication / Air Greenland (seminar)
Circus Alphaville (shoot)
TDC Business (seminar)
Telia (seminar)
CPH:DOX (seminar)
JLI Vision (seminar)
Deloitte (seminar)
Filcolana (shoot)
Global Focus (seminar)
d’Angleterre (summer party)
Nordic Insite (seminar)
Danske Bank (seminar)
LEGO System A/S (seminar)
TDC Business (seminar)
Bertoni (press event)
Nickelodeon / VIACOM (press event)
TDC Business (seminar)
Thomas Juul Nielsen (shoot)
Danish Cable TV (seminar)
School of Architecture (seminar)
FTFa (seminar)
OBH Group (seminar)
Kähler (press event)
Accenture (seminar)
TDC (seminar)TDC (seminar)
Made2Measure (seminar)
L’Oreal Group (seminar)
Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs (seminar)
Implement Consulting Group(seminar)
Danish Red Cross (seminar)
WDHB (seminar)
JCP Arena (guided tour)
Novozymes (seminar)
The Agency for Culture and Palaces (seminar)
Danish Design Center (seminar)
Gobsmack Productions (shoot)
Telia (seminar)
Novo Nordisk (seminar)
House Doctor (shoot)
&Co. Productions (shoot)
Sicily Productions (shoot)
REDA / Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab (seminar)
Paramount / Hasbro Transformer (event)
BMW (seminar)
Advice & IKEA (seminar)
Warner Music (shoot)
Orkla Foods (seminar)
Bertoni (event)
Moon Production (shoot)
Grey (seminar & dinner event)
Strategic 9 (seminar)
Merrild Photography (shoot)
Uitch Iscratch Production (shoot)
Coster Copenhagen (shoot)
Playstation (shoot)
Sony Music (shoot)
Craft of Scandinavia (shoot)
Roxana Kia (seminar)
Danish Energy (conference)
YouSee (conference)
Jayway (seminar)
City Network (conference)
Imitz (shoot)
Novo Nordisk (seminar)
Markedsquare (event)
Nordsjö (event)
Advice (seminar)
Deloitte (conference event)
IBG ProReact (seminar)
Telenor (conference)
YouSee (seminar)
Senator Group (shoot)
Proactive (seminar)
Yard Prc Room (exhibition)
REDA / Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab (seminar)
Elle Magazine (shoot)
Jonas Schnack (shoot)
Move Copenhagen (yoga event)
Deloitte (conference event)
Sweco (seminar)
IF Insurance (dinner event)
Danske Bank (conference)
Helsingborg City (seminar)
Red bull (seminar)
Sweco (seminar)
Bessie Jeans (shoot)
Wrap London (shoot)
Novozymes (seminar)
Danish Fashion Institute (dinner event)
Wood Wood Wood (shoot)
Sweco (seminar)
Warehouse (conference)
Kildevæld (shoot)
DAC / Danish Architecture Center (seminar)
Dress Partner (shoot)
Egmont Publishing (seminar)
Best Friends (shoot)
Coloplast (workshop)
Nielsen’s (shoot)
Nosco (seminar)
Jerichau Photo (shoot)
Bridge Communication (seminar)
Danish Psychiatric Center (conference)
YouSee (seminar)
JUNK de LUX (product launghing)
YOUSEE (seminar)

Facebook (seminar / conference)
Resonance (seminar)
University of Copenhagen (tour)
Urland (dinner event)
Open Loft (event)
Municipality of Copenhagen (tour)
Volvo (film shoot)
TDC (semianr/dinner event)
Carlsberg (seminar/ dinner event)
TV2 (film shooting)
Novo Nordisk v. Roxana Kia (seminar)
Red Bull (seminar)
Nørgaard Mikkelsen (photoshoot)
Kyne Nislev Bernstorff (painting exhibition)
Volvo (photoshoot)
Louis Nielsen (photoshoot)
Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency (seminar)
Advice (seminar + dinner)
Microsoft (seminar)
Municipality Gladsaxe handicap department (seminar)
IBM (conference)
Program department – public television TV2 (seminar)
Magazine cover (photoshoot)
WDHB (seminar)
Next Space Cph (meeting)
MIH Plumbing (seminar)
Part Two (photoshoot)
Ilva (press release)
EMENDO (event/ seminar)
Me & Alice (seminar/ event)
Nordisk Film (film shooting)
Basic Appara (photoshoot)
Kährs flooring (photoshoot)
NIKE, IKEA, Leaderlap (dinner event)
HALLHUBER (photoshoot)
PWT (photoshoot)
WDHB (afternoon event)
Lundbeck (seminar & dinner event)
Vannucci Collection (film & photoshoot)
Roxana Kia (event)
Kolding Innovation House (tour)
Novozymes (seminar)
Szhirley (photoshoot)
Fonden Væksthus Hovedstaden (event)
PROdesign (photoshoot)
Louis Poulsen (photoshoot)
LEGO wear (photoshoot)
Claire – Hust & Claire (photoshoot)
Dk Company – Soaked in Luxury (design presentation)
Intuitive Counselor (event)
European foodservice summit (think tank – seminar)
Novozymes (seminar)
Advice (event)
NOA NOA (photoshoot)
Mastiff Film (film shooting)
Sanita Footwear (photoshoot)
CNN (Advice – afternoon event)
Molly Marais (photoshoot)
Mastiff movie (film shooting)
Second Female (seminar)
Molly Marais (photoshoot)
Danish Design Center (seminar)
Intuitive Counselor (seminar)
RED BULL (product launging – seminar)
IKEA (seminar + dinner event)
Libratone v. Refinery (photoshoot)
Radikale Venstre – the danish parliament (seminar)
Thank You Studio (photoshoot)
Chimney Copenhagen (film shooting)
TV2 (press event)
Intuitive Counselor (seminar)
IKEA (2 days seminar + dinner event)
MASTIFF (film shooting)
Incentive consultancy company (seminar)
DR Danish Television – strategy and media research (seminar)
PhaseOne (film shooting)
Creative Mornings Copenhagen by Janus Metz (breakfasting event)
B&O (film shooting)
GN Store Nord (seminar + dinner event)
HEM (photoshoot)
Intuitive Counselor (seminar)
Nykredit (photoshoot)
Danish Design Center (seminar)
Danish Gas Technology Center (seminar)
DR (seminar)
Velux (seminar + dinner event)
Sticks ‘n’ sushi (seminar)
H&M Home (photoshoot)
WIRED (interview)
Adestria – retailing Japan (tour)
TV2 – Erik Skammelsen (interview)
Lokale & Anlægsfonden (tour)
VERO MODA (photo shoot)
JUUL I FROST architects (dinner event)
Muuto (photoshoot)
Jack & Jones (photoshoot)
Sticks & Sushi (seminar)
Citrix Podio (seminar)
Municipality of Copenhagen – Teknik og Miljøforvaltningen (seminar)
DDC – Denmark Design Center (board meeting)
Wardrobe (photo shoot)
Thirst & Drawing (croquis – event)
Gardenia/ Shoe Biz (photoshoot)
Intuitive Counselor (education)
PODIO (seminar)
H&M home (photoshoot)
Advice (afternoon event)
UCC University College (seminar)
Advice (seminar)
MOON international copenhagen (photoshoot)
DR – National television – Fiction (filmshooting by Søren Kragh Jacobsen)
LAUNCH Nordic Big Think – KEA Design Lab (dinner)
The Danish Minestry of the Environment (seminar + dinner)
MilliMeter (photoshoot)
Roskilde Festival (seminar)
Teknik & Miljøforvaltningen – The municipality of CPH (seminar)
Novozymes A/S (seminar + painting workshop)
IKEA Headquater (tour at the loft)
TOM WOOD (jewellery productlaunghing)
Lokale & Anlægsfonden (seminar)
REAL DANIA (seminar)
Open studios – christmas event (open to pubilc)
Pernille Corydon jewelry (photoshoot)
TV 2 (film shooting)
Roskilde Festival (seminar)
Mads Trolle (product launging)
LUNDBECK (2 days seminar)
Klausen & partners (afternoon event)
Sofakompaniet, Yellows Photography (photoshoot)
MICROSOFT (seminar)
Christina Klitsgaard (photoshoot)
The Danish Ministry of Environment (seminar, tour, dinner)
ACCELERACE (seminar)
CORP BRAND – shipping (seminar)
MÆRSK (seminar)
DDB Copenhagen (seminar)
COLOPLAST (seminar)
Submarine advertising (photoshoot)
ELLE DECOR Italy (photoshoot)
New Hospital North Zealand (seminar)
TUBORG (film shooting)
B&O PLAY (seminar)
FossFlakes (photoshoot)
Emmatell (photoshoot)
GRO Company (photoshoot)
CITIRX PODIO (seminar)
Stressless – chairr (photoshoot
Rikke Hagen – designs (seminar)
Capital Region of Denmark – Mental Health Services (semianr)
Checkland Kindleysides (photoshoots)
Charles Vogele (photoshoot)
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (photoshoot)
CORE architects (seminar)
LEE Jeans – BLINK production (photoshoot)
Aarhus Univercity – Campus Emdrup (seminar)
Benjamin Media (photoshoot)
Danish Red Cross/ photographer Morten Jerichau (photoshoot by Niclaus Petersen, AKA Nik)
Roots – Pop up restaurant (from murder to dining table)
PWTgroup (photoshoot)
Park Lane Fashion (photoshoot)
FRIIS & COMPANY (photoshoot)
TED X Copenhagen (community meeting)
MUUTO (photoshoot)
Microsoft (seminar)
Oak rugs (photoshoot)
X-Press group (photoshoot)
DK Company Vejle A/S (photoshoot)
Brandtex (photoshoot)
Soulmate – (photoshoot)
Folkets Park – Malmö, Sweden (tour)
RELÆ restaurant (dinner event)
Helsingør Municipality – Værfthallerne (tour)
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art (tour)
Bestseller (photoshoot)
BLEND she (photoshoot)
PART TWO (photoshoot)
Attention Design (seminar)
SIGNAL architects (event)
Masai Clothing Company (photoshoot)
Øresund Committee (seminar)
Design Psychology (seminar)
Hummel (photoshoot)
BMW (Teamday)
Fransa (photoshoot)
BRO (seminar)
HBO (Interview)
GoMore (seminar)
Darling Creative Studio (product launch)
Nuuday (seminar)
DR News (Seminar)
Belong (photoshoot)

Coloplast (seminar)
TV2 Natholdet (shoot)
Danish Disability Organization
E-Net (seminar)
WINND Denmark (seminar)
Maersk Drilling (seminar)
Bestseller (photoshoot)
Synoptik (Photoshoot)
The Bikuben Foundation (semina)
Lundbeck (seminar)
Umbraco (seminar + event)
IKEA (photoshoot)
LAUNCH Nordic (event)
NOISY MAY – VERO MODA (photoshoot)
VOLVO (photoshoot)
KUDIBAL FUR (photoshoot)
Danish Society of Engineers IDA (seminar)
Copenhagen Talent Bridge (seminar)
Tomorrow managemnet (photoshoot)
Danish Science Factory (seminar)
The Danish Film Institute (film pitching)
LINTEX (photoshoot)
Damvad (seminar)
Podium (workshop)
Mads Langer, Gaucho film (music video)
Foundation Marie Homes (seminar + workshop)
Custom made (photoshoot)
Lundbeck (seminar)
Ministry of Environment (seminar)
Twenty two Agency Paris (gourmet dinner)
Theater Grob (seminar)
Recidence magazine Sweeden (photoshoot)
Ministry of Environment (seminar)
GRENAA BUCHARD (photoshoot)
POINT architects (reception)
Smith Innovation (seminar)
DELOITTE (dinner event)
SCAN (photo shoot)
VL 17 (corporate event)
MAERSK DRILLING (seminar/corporate event)
Magnus Olesen (photoshoot)
Municipality of Copenhagen – engineering and environmental management. Center for Traffic (seminar)
Brandtex – CISO (photoshoot)
Copenhagen JADE (photoshoot)
Mariya Pepe (photoshoot)
Ilse Jacobsen (photoshoot)
Green Business Climate – Copenhagen Municipality (Seminar)
Beck Söndergaard (photoshoot)
NOA NOA (photoshoot)
POST DENMARK (photoshoot)
Ministry of Environment – Green Business (seminar)
MAGAZINE – Malling production (photoshoots)
SWIM – Scandinavian World of Innovative Media – DOX CPH (seminar)
LOFT BAZAAREN (christmas Bazaar)
Billi Bi (photoshoot)
The Öresundscommittee (tour + seminar)
Mariya Pebe (photoshoot in YARD)
Samsung @SilverspoonCPH (Press event, product launching)
Pragmatic Media (photoshoot)
Giuliano Merolli Agency (photoshoot)
NIKON. Blogger event. MSL Copenhagen (product launching)
Bestseller (photoshoot)
Amagerforbrænding (executive seminar)
Ball Wholesale (photoshoot)
Molo kids (photoshoot)
Morten Jerichau portait of Peter Bastian (photoshoot)
University of Copenhagen – department of Geography and Geology (loft tour/seminar)
The Royal Danish Theatre – the scenic workshop (loft tour)
The Real estate association (movie/interviews)
SONY Music – Tomorrow Management. (portrait shooting)
Leadership group – VL no. 32 (classical concert)
Ballgroup (photoshoot)
Cultureharbor 2012 (open doors)
M Production (photoshoot)
Book trailer movie (stunt scene at the staircase – instruction Anders Rønnow Klarlund)
IPU product Development – The Tecnical University of Denmark (workshop + dinner)
Erik Møller atchitects – (seminar)
Bon A Parte – Merrild photo (photoshoot)
ART LAB, Innvoation seminar (network workshop)
Eksperimentarium, “Innovation match” (network workshop)
Radiometer (seminar)
SONY ERICSSON (advertising film)
Norwegian airlines – Aviator, Stockholm (workshop)
Designunit I/S (photoshoot)
Burmeister & Wain Energy A/S (workshop + dinner)
Brandtex (photoshoot)
Bang & Olufsen, CEO Tue Mantoni, Co + Høgh. (interview)
Another Standard (photoshoot)
Blend A/S (photoshoot)
Ball Group (photoshoot)
NOW (photoshoot)
The Italian cultural Institut Copenhagen/ Mensch (cookbook – photoshoot)
Radiometer – v. Rune Nørager (seminar)
Smith Innovation – Hvidovre hospital (seminar)
B4IT – Dutch IT Company (management workshop)
The Danish Parliament (tour)
The OAK foundation – New York (tour)
Malling Publication Cover (photoshoot)
Danish Production (Value added film)
NOBODY (advertising film)
PFA (tower)
RIKA (photoshoot)
RUM – magazine (press – room 10)
RUM – magazine (press – room 4)
BoostHg – Malmö (management workshop)
The Danish Ministry of Finance (seminar)
Carl Hansen & søn A/S – Wegner furniture (photoshoot)
Danish Refugee Council (workshop)
The Danish Film school (seminar)
Kaos Pilots (seminar)
TV 2 – board (seminar)
TV 2 – net (seminar)
Eilersen A/S (photoshoot)
Carpark North (music video)
Dyhr Hagen (advertising film)
Information – newspaper (press, interview)
Novozymes (workshop)
Cohn & Wolfe: (workshop)
Fritz Hansen (workshop)
Lightyear A/S (photoshoot)
Culturharbor – Copenhagen municipality (tour)
Donna Hay, Australia (photoshoot)
Vero Moda (photoshoot)
Scandinavian Business Seating A/S (seminar)
The Mayor of culture and Leisure, Pia Allerslev (tour)
Rotary – Allerød (tour)
Holmegaard (photoshoot)
Lexington Company, Stockholm (photoshoot)
DDB (summer party)
NU A/S (photoshoot)
Leaderlap (management workshop)
Share Female (photoshoot)
Brandchester United (photoshoot)
Refshaleøen Holding A/S (tour)
The Lap A/S (photoshoot)
Politiken – newspaper, editorial and commercial (management workshop)
Boost – 60 business leaders (management workshop)
DesignUnit I/S (photoshoot)
Merrild Photography (photoshoot)
Ballet dancer (photoshoot)
Copenhagen municipality – manager Anne Skovbo (tour)
Bandtex A/S (photoshoot)
Friendtex A/S (photoshoot)
Copenhagen kommune – creative forum (workshop)
TV 2 – Lorry (national television, press – interview)
Salling A/S (photoshoot)
ART lab (seminar)
Bestseller (photoshoot)
Adidas – London (photoshoot)
Philips lighting (sponsor deal for the loft + seminar)
Politiken – newspaper cultur (workshop)
Startup bootcamp (seminar)
Anne Axholm (media workshop)
DR – K – national television (strategy seminar)
Danish Demining Group (seminar)
Bang & Olufsen (photoshoot)
RUM – magazine (press – interview)
DesignUnit (photoshoot)
Tine K (photoshoot)
Weekendavisen newspaper (press – interview)
ILVA (photoshoot)
Two danes (photoshoot)
Jacobsen Publication A/S (photoshoot)
Copenhagen Business School (seminar)
ELLE – magazine (photoshoot)
Zulmate A/S (photoshoot)
Compass Group (seminar)
FDIM – association of Danish Interactive Media (board seminar)
Psykocomboys (photoshoot)
Alright agency (photoshoot)
Totalkredit (Seminar)
Montana (photoshoot)
ONLY (photoshoot)
Caucho Film ApS (advertising film)
Rollei Immobilen – Germany (workshop)
M Production (photoshoot)
The Danish minister of Transportation (Lars Barfod – tour)
Style butler (photoshoot)
Sziggy Copenhagen A/S (photoshoot)
Benjamin Media (photoshoot)
Midt Marketing A/S (seminar)
The Danish minister of Trafic and Envioronment (Klaus Bondam – tour)
Veo Technologies (seminar)