Study 7

Studio 7 (15 sqm) – is a studio on a daily basis, which shines through in the paint residue on the floor and artwork on the walls. Views of Copenhagen harbor as well as the sea can be taken in through metal windows. The studio is perfect for a smaller group (around 10 seated guests, split into two areas) or as an adjoining group room.
The study includes:
– Meeting setup for up to 10 guests.
– A fireplace (additional heat source can be arranged)
– Kitchen access, through the Template Room
– Electrical outputs of 16 W + 220 V power, throughout the studio
– Standard AV package with projector (projected on the wall) and flipcharts

– Meeting set-up for up to 10 guests.

– Kitchen access (through the Templateroom)

– A fireplace (additional heaters can be arranged)

– Electrical outlets of 220 V power

– Standard AV-package with a projector (projected on the wall) and flipovers